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Memory foam mattress pad

Memory foam mattress toppers are relatively new to the market. It is important to understand their features, sizes, and also find out what you need to pay attention to when buying.

Mattress covers are divided into protective, corrective (orthopedic), special. Products with a memory effect are orthopedic.
They are used to solve various problems.

Alignment and updating of a berth.

Reducing or increasing the firmness of the mattress. It is provided by the foam density (from 30 to 90 kg per 1 m3). At maximum density, the product is rigid, the service life is long.

Smoothing the joints of the sofa, between two mattresses on a double bed.
It is 100% synthetic based on polyurethane foam and hydrocarbon. The structure is cellular-porous. Provides softness and elasticity, lack of back pressure, feeling of being on a cloud, soaring.

The mattress topper with memory effect takes the shape of a sleeping person, completely restores its shape after removing the load. It is useful for relieving stress from the spine and joints during sleep for healthy people, with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the elderly, pregnant women. It has a small thickness (2-10 cm). Sometimes such products are called toppers. The recommended thickness of the foam in the product is from 6 cm. The thicker it is, the more pronounced the memory effect.
Mattress covers with Memory Foam filler (memoriform) do not cause allergies, absorb moisture, and are elastic. Unload the spine, enveloping the protruding parts of the human body.
The disadvantages include the inability to use for children under 18 years of age. At this age, you need to sleep on a hard surface, as the skeleton is forming.

There are several varieties of Memory Foam.

Thermoelastic foam. Changes shape under the influence of heat, it takes some time. It is used in budget products.
Viscoelastic foam. Adjusts to any pressure in seconds. The temperature of the object is not important. Products with such a filler have a high price. 

Ways to attach to the mattress may be different.
Rubber bands are elastic. They are located at the corners of the product or around the entire perimeter.
Lightning, Velcro, buttons.
Webbing. They can be adjusted if the size of the mattress topper and the mattress do not match.
Buttons. Very comfortable and easy to change.

Selection Tips

When choosing a shape memory mattress topper, there are a few steps you need to follow.
Read the manufacturer's label. It should indicate the type of foam, the presence of layers of organic matter with impregnation, the recommendations of orthopedic doctors.
Think about how hard you need.
In the store, lie down for a while on the product, evaluate the convenience, rigidity. Clothing for testing should be thin. Evaluate several models from different manufacturers, since with the same declared stiffness, the sensations may be different.
Take into account the temperature of the room, as the mattress pad additionally warms. In this case, you can use it in the cold season, or turn on the air conditioner for cooling in the summer.
Clarify the possibility of testing at home within 3 days.
The material of the cover must be made of natural fabric. The best option is jacquard. Bilateral models are sewn from different fabrics: one side is summer, the other is for winter.

How to care?
Before use, you should carefully read the instructions for use indicated on the label.
The cover needs to be washed regularly.
The mattress cover itself cannot be washed. It is undesirable to use dry cleaning, detergents. They destroy the structure of the filler, there is a loss of the memory effect.
The most gentle cleaning is possible with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush.
Mattress stains are removed fresh, the surface should not be rubbed.
If water gets on the product, dry it quickly. Do not wring out the material, dry it in the sun, near the radiator.
It is useful to air the product once a month.

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